Tax Consulting

    Continuous Tax Consulting

We at cst causa see it as our task and pride to support you through your whole professional life. From incorporating your venture to selling it – we are your perfect partner to trustfully care for all your tax issues.

A continuous tax consulting enables us to accompany your business on a daily basis and such contributing to your success from the very first moment on.

Our consulting is not limited to corporations or partnerships.  We have taken over tax mandates for small and medium enterprises as well as for large corporations, associations, NGOs and NPOs, family offices and freelancers, such as photographers, artists, blogger, therapists, etc.

We attend you with all fiscal matters and keep our promises. Sticking to deadlines is our top priority.

Incorporation, Succession Planning and Transfer

Incorporation of an enterprise requires thoughtful planning. Both the first operational steps and the right legal form need to be considered and calculated. The same goes for finding a successor and eventually transferring your enterprise. We support you in creating an optimal environment for your business through its life cycle, i.e. managing all steps during the incorporation and the start up phase, such as the contact with authorities, notary deeds, articles of association and power of attorney. Coordinated with you we may take over all activities on your behalf or we accompany you through registrations and governmental permissions.

Efficient Tax Planning

Creative thinking and a thorough knowledge of the fiscal environment guarantee optimal solutions for efficient business management. We deliver your cash flow planning, monitor deadlines and keep track of all structural changes in your tax files.

    Continuous Taxation

We calculate and optimise your re current and year end taxes, do the obligatory reports and keep you informed about changes in tax legislation and other relevant areas.

We keep an eye on deadlines and timely inform you about possible and useful planning instruments like applications for tax reductions, prolongation of deadlines or instalment plans.

    Supporting External Audits

No troubles with external fiscal audits any more. Our team of experienced tax consultants accompanies you through the whole audit and secures a competent and sound process. We analyse and interpret the jurisdiction and clarify all laws and regulations connected with your specific case. You can trust on a fully open and transparent communication with us keeping you top informed about the auditing process and supplying you with all necessary documentation. We even do the correspondence with the auditors on your behalf if wished so.

     Fiscal Peculiarities: Real Estate Transactions, Lease and Rent

We are also in the know of regulations on real estate, lease and rent! The legal and economic checks of your lease and rent contracts and the calculation of corresponding fees and taxes are among our skills, as well.

     Value Added Tax

We advise you in all VAT matters related to domestic or cross border transfer of goods and services. Our support in VAT registration domestic or abroad, filing VAT tax declarations, re imbursements of VAT on goods and services received, summary reports on VAT gives you safety and lets you focus on your core business.

     Fiscal Fees

We guide you through the jungle of exemptions from fiscal charges, support you in identifying potentialities, e.g. with the re imbursement of energy fees.

     Tax Files

Our team has a long and broad experience in preparing all kinds of tax files. We have always an eye on the newest laws and regulations on taxation and such providing you with the optimal results for you:

  • Income Tax
  • VAT (continuous VAT reports)
  • Corporate Tax
  • Reports on changes in taxable basis
  • Capital Gains Tax

     Common Public Interest

Special care needs to be taken when it comes to the taxation of associations, NPOs, NGOs, etc. Among our clients are a number of such entities, including family offices and trust funds and we are supporting them for many years with their tax files, auditing their articles, applying for donation permissions and all fiscal correspondence related to these businesses. In addition, we do the accounting and prepare their financial statements.

     Cross Border Activities

Your business does not end at the border? Our team of various nationalities together with a broad network of international partners shall be happy to assist you in your expansion plans! We provide you with excellent know how through our co operation partners within the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and embassies in your target country. Setting up your business abroad means no trouble for you anymore. We are glad to discuss your expansion plans with you and develop your cross border tax issues. cst causa is your expert partner across borders.

     Secretarial Work

Let us do the administration for you! Correspondence with the tax and all authorities you might have to deal with in your business is our skill. We do all your back office stuff related to authorities including post and telephone service.


Do you like to add a distinguished address to your high standard products and services? We offer you to register your company at our address in the renowned city district of Vienna. Receive your business partners or do workshops with your team in our elegant and well equipped domicile.

     Transfer Pricing / OECD

Documentation of transfer prices plays an important role in domestic and cross border businesses. The team of cSt causa helps you in structuring transfer prices, their documentation and necessary ex post defence towards tax auditors.