Business Consulting

  unternehmensberatung Start-Ups and Business Development

These days numerous start ups are founded, developed and quickly sold again.

We at cSt causa strive to supporting you and your new venture from the very first day onwards, learning to understand your motivation, sharing your passion and making your great idea a sustainable and profitable business. Contributing with our experience we want to prevent you from wrong management decisions and potentially hazardous tax consequences. We understand how teams work together. That is why we know what is important for a newly funded business that is just about to grow. We handle all contacts with authorities and provide you with all financial data necessary for your success.

Chosing the  right Legal Form

Establishing a new business requires careful planning and consideration. This is even more important if you are interested in setting up an international venture. Which legal form you choose for your company has a number of consequences among them being legal liabilities, business security and tax load. We help you keeping it transparent and comprehensive.

Tax Breaks, Grants and Research Premium

We keep you informed what is there in tax reliefs, grants or bonusses for your research and development . We tell you what needs to be factored in even before you establish your company. Our team is always up to date with latest laws and regulations to be at your hand when you need it.

Dealing with Authorities

The team of cSt causa is constantly dealing and in personal contact with all authorities on your behalf. From the foundation day, during the first crucial weeks and months of your newly founded business we care for all your administrative issues regarding authorities while you can fully focus on selling your products and services.

     Investments and Financing

Business Planning

Before you start your company, setting up a business plan is a very important step. We have done numerous business plans together with our clients and have gained a broad experience. A business plan is a crucial tool not only when it comes to talks with banks, investors or applying for grants, but also to provide you and your team with a guideline to profitability and success on the market. Let us through our experience and know how, help you with a sustainable business plan.

Profitability analysis of investment decisions

Investment decisions play a big role in your future tax loads. That is why it is so important to choose the best legal form for your business. Our simulation models on your investments help you to understand the tax consequences of each legal form and to find the form most fitting for you. Our experience and knowledge in a broad variety of industries helps you in finding the best financing structure and in getting the most favourable bank conditions for your investments.


With our excellent international and national network of personal contacts we support you in all your financing and funding decisions

     Recapitalisation and Restructuring


Our team supports you with the reorganisation of your business. A need for restructuring may have a lot of reasons. Through our planning and forecasting we may avoid unfavourable situations already at an early stage. That said, in some cases unforeseeable circumstances lead to a crisis situation. We help you analyse your internal processes and your organisation, take over all contacts with authorities and stakeholders and together with you we will work on a way out.

Insolvency and Debts Restructuring

If your operation becomes unable to continue we will help you get out of that situation with the least damage possible. We obtain the necessary agreements from all creditors and manage all communication with the liquidator in the most professional and competent way. You will not be left alone, let us take care of all steps necessary for the restructuring.

     Due Diligence

Screening of Economic and Legal Conditions

The team of cast causa has a long standing experience in Due Diligence. We screen potential targets from a professional point of view and thoroughly conduct feasibility checks of all relevant data such financial statements and contracts.

Purchase Price Evaluation

You do not have to bother yourself with the numerous models and tools existing to arrive at a possible purchase price for an enterprise. We do all that work for you and based on our findings through our economic and legal screenings we come up with detailed and well founded calculations including potential synergies with the target.

     Actuarial Consulting

Expertise and Comparative Analysis

We provide the legal expertise for your actuarial requirements in your balance sheet and your financial forecast. Our team helps you with all questions related with your balance sheet policies. We also offer you contacts to banks and insurance companies through our excellent professional network.