Payroll Accounting

It pays off to assign your payroll issues to a professional partner!

cSt causa handles all related topics for you:

Classification of the tarriff scheme, internal work time sheets, labour legislation, filing to authorities, payroll accounting and bank transfers. Connected with your current bookkeeping we help you in making your monthly payroll accounting more efficient .

That leaves you more time to focus on your important other issues: staff training and education, team building and further devloping your profitability.

In particular, we gladly do:

Your monthly payroll accounting

Calculation and of salaries and premiums, overtime payments, social security, pension payments, benefits, etc

On Boarding, Off Boarding and Final Payments

We do the registration and de listing of your staff with the authorities, calculate final payments such as handshakes, severance payments, etc. And gladly consult you with your on and off boarding process.

Correspondence with Authorities

You do not know who to contact as your staff pool changes? No problem! We correspond with all respective authorities and secure the proper registration with the Social Security, pension funds and tax authorites. We also take care of the continuous reports and keep an eye on your respective deadlines!

Monthly and Annual Analysis and Postal Dispatch (Salary Slips)

We gladly care for the dispatch of  the current salary slips as well as yearly salary reports, book-keeping vouchers, cost center analysis and year end payroll accounting.

Escrow Accounts und Monetary Transactions

As you desire, we also take over your money transactions. You may trustfully leave the handling of an escrow account to us. Through the use of data storage mediums and payment ledgers we guarantee for a complete documentation of your payroll accounting.

  Payroll Accounting „Special“

Assistance with social security audits

In case of social security audits we assist or you with or completely take over the correspondence with the tax authorities and the social security agency and if desired provide office space for the auditors.

Planning and Forecasting

No bad surprises with payroll issues. We supply you with year end forecasts, budget and cash flow plans for your entire staff. We have the know how when it comes to changes in collective agreements and more.

Payroll Reserves

All reserves related to payroll payments are being built in accordance with local accounting principles, taxation laws and IFRS. We put special attention to efficient and proper actuarial reserves. We calculate severance payments, premiums, year end bonus, vacation  and overtime payments as well as any special remunerations for you.

Attachment of Salaries and Impoundings

We organise debtor letters, final remuneration reports and creditor claim reservation. That wipes any worries regarding your staff off your table.

Employment Schemes

We care for any chages regarding the emplyoment status of your staff, be it maternity leaves, part time schemes or sabbaticals. We manage all administration related. You plan internships, hire volunteers or freelancers? No problem, we set up all employment contracts and handle all related labour law aspects. Minor employments od Directors contracts – we are the right choice!

    Payroll Accounting “Top”

In- & Outsourcing and „Health“-Check

We do the health check of your payroll accounting. This serves as the foundation of your sound and proper payroll accounting. Be it the initial check or a current obligatory analysis, our team does all the health checks for you.

Cross Border Employment

Going international is an important topic in Austria, rising a number of questions for you and your business. When it comes to payroll issues, double taxation treaties or cross border social security agreements are a complex task. We do comparative analysis for you, split payroll, hypo tax and shadow simulations, as well as deployments & labour supply, inbound & outbound tasks.

Labour Law and Social Security Law

Our team offers you a broad expertise when it comes to questions about labour and social security law. We contact the respective authorities and work out recommendations for the collective agreement classification of your staff members. We review your labour contracts and consult you with fiscal consequences of your exployment schemes, such as part time or sabbaticals.

Pension Funds and Stock Option Schemes

You certainly want to value the performance of your staff. Stock options and long term incentive schemes gain more and more importance. Seasoned employees retirement are no financial worries with pension funds. We gladly assist you in the best solution.