Book-keeping & Accounting

Book-keeping is the basis for many business decisions. Therefore it is important to trustfully manage your financial issues, in proper detail and at reasonable costs. Our year long experience has shown how crucial a sound and trustworthy co operation is for an efficient planning of your financial task.

We take over all your tasks in that area, from posting the booking vouchers up to preparing your annual financial statements and the optimisation of your respective internal processes. Our transparent and coherent reporting shows proof to the fact, that in us you have found an expert partner that professionally answers all your questions about “accounting lingo”.

Recording and Posting of Booking Vouchers

We care for your booking slips! That means less work for you regarding notes and vouchers from Social Security, tax and other authorities. The team of cst causa processes all steps from recording vouchers to posting.

Analysis and Reporting

To keep you always posted, we prepare a number of analyses and reportings on a regular basis and upon your request. We are happy to explain all items in detail and discuss with you all steps necessary to optimise your internal processes and related costs and not least to secure and enhance your profitability!

Bank Transactions

Book-keeping processes and administration tie a lot of resources and time. To keep you clear from that and allow you to focus on your core business, we gladly take care of all your bank transactions and bank correspondence, including the SEPA direct debiting scheme. We keep an eye on all the movements on your bank accounts and guarantee for an efficient cash processing.

    Financial Year End Statements

Preparing the Financial Statements

cSt causa prepares your financial statements for all legal forms according to Austrian accounting principles as well as for international GAAPs. Our experience has shown that the financial year end statements are among the most important business tools for controlling and analysis. They contain valuable information which are a prerequisite to optimally shape your business. We assist you in planning your business future by discussing the financial statements with you and by evaluating possible tax consequences with you.

Cash Basis Accounting

Companies not subject to double-entry book-keeping may calculate their profit and loss in a simplified way through cash basis accounting. By deducting the yearly cash expenses from the annual cash receipts we are calculating your annual profit and loss. However, that principle of cash in/cash out leaves little room for tax optimisation after finishing the business year. To spare you from unnecessary head-aches we provide you with a timely cash flow analysis before the close of the business calendar to discuss with you possible ways like spending money for investments or accrue operating costs to optimise your tax result.

Following items are being recorded for you:

  • Cash receipts and cash expenses
  • Journal of goods received
  • Fixed assets register
  • Payroll accounts

Disclosure and Publishing in the Companies Register

We publish your financial year end statements in the companies register, communicate with all respective authorities and care for all the administration processes behind the disclosure. To keep you clear for your business.


Peak of Capacity Level and Interim Management

We assist you with qualified staff to temporarily handle your in-house accounting in times of peak load or provide you with interim managers.

Optimisation of Book-Keeping and Internal Processes, Digitisation

We assist you with the optimisation of your book-keeping and your internal processes and work out proposals for your digitisation plans.