Wirtschaftspruefung Audit

One sees them as mere necessary oligations the other as an image brochure: Financial statements  are a retrospective on the last or current business year, disclosing operations and financial flows in detail. Our structured expertise and more than 20 years of experience with the audit of financial statements help you to detect potential risks at an early stage and analyse areas for improvement. Law and regulations are always our focus to prevent you from unpleasant surprises in your operation.

   Wirtschaftspruefung  Audit of Financial Statements of Companies, Corporations and Associations

We provide financial statements in Austrian GAAP (UGB) for large and small corporations and companies, partnerships, public or private associations such as Universities and schools. Our team encompasses a wide range of industrial expertise and year long experience. We help you, sculpture the best information out of your financial statements for your internal and external stakeholders while always following your accounting principles

    Wirtschaftspruefung  Incorporation Audit

Incorporation audits are a complex task and are often characterised by very intense interactions between various lawyers and their respective law firms. Our professional team comprises of all the expertise and up to date knowledge necessary for that complexity, while supported by our excellent and wide spread network of professional contacts. We take care for all the steps necessary to help you swiftly incorporate your business.

  Wirtschaftspruefung  Audit of Associations

The audit of associations not only provides an in depth view of the financial situation but also works as an important tool for decisions to be made by the officers and the board. cSt causa as auditor have played a crucial role as a monitoring body of numerous small and larger associations. We consult you as an association in all legal and economical aspects and monitor the conformity of your operation with your bylaws.

  Wirtschaftspruefung Official Order to receive Donations

An official order by the authorities is a prerequisite for your association to receive donations. To obtain this order a thorough examination of the managenent of the association and the conformity with its bylaws can be conducted by us. The result of our audit will tell you which steps you need to fulfil to obtain the official donation order or which activities of your operation might hamper a positive order.